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Occupational Therapy for Kids

Let our experienced, NDIS registered & approved, team of Occupational Therapists work with you and your child to reach their full potential and increase their functioning in everyday life.

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Unsure whether your child is meeting typical developmental milestones for their age?


Helping your child reach their full potential

At a2z Health Group, our dedicated Occupational Therapy team will work with your child to identify their needs, provide support in developing new skills and increase their participation, to help them reach their full potential!

Holistic, Person-Centred Approach

We believe in a holistic and person-centred focus when it comes to assisting you and your loved ones in developing independence and overall well-being. 

Extensive Paediatric Expertise, NDIS-Approved

Our team of NDIS-approved Occupational Therapists utilises evidence based paediatric practice in combination with years of experience.

Purpose-Designed Clinic

Our clinic is designed to meet various and diverse needs, including a sensory room for sensory exploration, regulation and active play.



We empower children of all ages to perform daily activities by addressing any sensory, social, behavioural, motor, and environmental concerns they may have. Examples of how we can help include: 

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Meet our team

Our team of experienced, NDIS registered & approved Paediatric Occupational Therapists are dedicated to providing you and your child with the best possible care to help maximise their potential and quality of life.

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Dandenong Clinic

69 Robinson Road
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Frequently Asked Questions.

A delay in development and independence is an indication that further investigation is required, and that’s what the OT team is here for! Once the OT identifies the concerns, we will work together with the child and family to address those concerns regularly. Please note that therapy alone cannot sustain improvements and will require ongoing maintenance/practise from the family for the best results. 

Please contact and discuss with our admin team on (03) 97984081.

Usually 60 minutes, including 1:1 therapy and communication with family members. 

This is a case by case basis, depends on the child’s needs. This should be discussed with the therapist to confirm suitability.

Services can be paid for through NDIS funding or out-of-pocket costs. 


Let’s meet to better understand how we can help your kid.
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