Clinical Career Pathways


An Amazing Opportunity for You……

An amazing opportunity exists for an enthusiastic, sports loving Physiotherapist who will enjoy working in a vibrant and rapidly growing Physiotherapy Practice. We are looking for the right person to join our team and become one of our valued Health Professionals.


Your mission

As a Physiotherapist and member of the ‘Heath Professionals’ team, you will be one of our musculoskeletal guru’s. You will be responsible for conducting in-depth injury assessment, developing rehab plans, and providing education and treatment for our awesome caseload of musculoskeletal and sports injury patients.


You will need to successfully relay the importance of a completely outcome focused rehabilitation and treatment method, and with the assistance of our clinical approach, guide our patients towards the best treatment pathway to achieve the most optimal of clinical results.


You will take part in creation of new and exciting programs and services within our clinic, and will undertake regular in-house training as well as external professional development to keep your skills and knowledge at the forefront.


You will also be a raving fan of ours and promote our clinic to potential clients, referrers and sporting clubs to developing greater relationships and boost our brand awareness within the local community.

About you

You are a fun, personable, outgoing practitioner and aspire to excel in private practice. You’re always looking to develop your clinical knowledge and skills, use world class technology, and are eager to take on new and exciting challenges. Your love for sport and exercise drives your passion to work within the sports medicine field.

Perhaps you are looking for your first role in a practice or maybe you just aren’t fulfilled with your career so far and know that there is a better opportunity waiting for you.

You’ll be our future Musculoskeletal expert, and take serious pride in your Physiotherapy career. You’ll have great people skills, professional presentation, and fantastic communication. You’ll enjoy working as part of a dynamic team, and having a laugh in our vibrant culture. You’ll earn a fantastic base salary and be financially rewarded as you grow your case load.

You are always wanting feedback so you can continuously improve your performance and you complete the tasks you are responsible for with precision and efficiency as you understand the link between accountability and success. You want the opportunity to become more than just a standard team member because you know that you are able to deliver so much more.


As a new successful member of our team you will:

  • Become part of our family and work cohesively towards our vision
  • Enjoy your work, have fun, and celebrate our wins
  • Get excited learning about and utilising new technology
  • Display a positive and enthusiastic attitude to change and take on new challenges
  • Stick to our systems and procedures to efficiently manage your time and workload
  • Take ownership of your own actions and reputation and understand your role within the team
  • Act and communicate like a professional and take pride the presentation of yourself and the clinic
  • Strive to assist our patients to achieve the best possible health outcomes
  • Provide a great patient experience so we can build a loyal client base 


In this role you will be part of something much bigger than just a workplace. You will have a purpose. Your importance in the pursuit of achieving our vision will not be understated. You will belong and as we grow so will you. Join the crew at ABSOLUTE, become one of us, evolve your skills, and help to lead our innovative business towards an even brighter future. 

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