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To be eligible for NDIS you must be able to answer yes to the following questions:

* Do you have Australian Residency?

* Are you under 65 years old?

* Do you live in an area where NDIS is available?

* Do you usually need support from a person or equipment to do everyday things for yourself because of an impairment or condition that is most likely to be permanent?

* Do you need some supports now to reduce your support needs in the future?


There are 4 steps in implementing your plan

If you answered yes to the Eligibility Criteria, you must contact NDIS to receive the NDIS official form – ‘Access Request Form’ (ARF).

You can do so by:

* Phone: 1800 800 110

* Website:

* Visit your local office. To find one closest to you visit:


In most cases you need to provide evidence of your disability. Your Doctor or Specialist will need to complete an ‘Evidence of Disability’ form which you can submit with your ARF.

The Evidence of Disability form tells the NDIS about the level of support that you need because of your disability


Once your eligibility is approved, you will then become a ‘participant’ in the NDIS. Your planner will organise a time to discuss your plan, this may be face- to-face or over the phone

Your planner wants to know:

* Your Goals

* What are the difficulties that do not allow ability to reach your goals.

At your plan meeting you will be asked how you would like your plan to be managed. NDIS will work with you to decide how to best manage your plan.

Your plan can be managed by:

* You (Self-managed) – You manage your own funds and pay the service provider and keep your own records

* Plan management service — You nominate a bookkeeper or accountant to pay your service providers

* NDIS—NDIS directly pays the service provider on your behalf and managers the money in your plan


* Step1—

You will receive in the mail a cover letter and then your detailed plan.

* Step 2—

Go online to and create an account at

The letter you received in the mail will have all the information required to access ‘myplace’ portal which you will be using to view your plan

* Step 3—

Speak with the relevant NDIS representative to implement your plan

* Step 4—

Connect with Service Providers to deliver your supports and complete a Service Agreement

Once you have signed and returned your Service Agreement/s to your chosen providers, then you will start receiving your NDIS funded supports. Your NDIS plan runs for 12 months