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Ankle Pain


The foot and ankle joints are very complex and intricate. There are many bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons in a compact area, making this area particularly vulnerable to injury. It is a very important part of the body that has to work well to get our bodies from point A to B!


Types of injuries and causes


The foot and ankle joint may be susceptible to a few different types of injuries. Overuse injuries include stress fractures and tendon swelling which can be debilitating in nature if not treated well.


Most commonly, ankle injures such as ligament strains and tears are often acute in nature. It does not have to be a traumatic injury as you would often see in sports injuries.


Something as simple as walking on an uneven footpath can cause a rolled ankle, resulting in an ankle sprain.




Your physiotherapist is an expert in the assessment and diagnosis of ankle sprains. Your history and a thorough clinical examination will determine the severity of your ankle.


They will look at your movements, strength of your muscles and tendons, strength of your ligaments. They will also go into in depth detail about how your ankle and foot injury can affect the rest of your leg/body.


If required, you may be referred for an X-ray, CT scan or MRI to confirm or exclude specific ligament or bone injuries.




With accurate assessment and early treatment, most ankle and foot injuries respond extremely quickly to physiotherapy allowing you to quickly resume pain-free and normal activities of daily living.


Physiotherapy Treatment Aims


  • Injury Protection, Pain Relief & Control Inflammation
  • Regain Full Range of Motion
  • Strengthen your Ankle and Calf Muscles
  • Sport-Specific Skills
  • Graduated Return to Training and Return to Competition

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