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Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Physiology

Every day many people come to see our Exercise Physiologists to help them manage and prevent injuries and chronic diseases, as well as to assist people with disabilities through exercise, lifestyle changes and behaviour modification.

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Although Physiotherapy is one of the most commonly used therapies for Australians many people have questions, like “What exactly is physiotherapy?”, and “Is it covered by Medicare?” We’ve answered a few of the common ones for you here.

The benefits of hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy is a type of therapy that utilizes water for pain relief and treatment. It has been known by several names in the past, including hydropathy and water cure. Hydrotherapy is considered a part of both conventional medicine and alternative medicine, specifically within the fields of naturopathy, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates has become a major tool used by physiotherapists to treat shoulder, spine, hip, knee and ankle injuries as well as whiplash, post polio syndrome, spina bifida, stroke and even post-surgical patients.

Occupational Therapy

Our work involves assisting individuals of all ages, including children, adolescents, and adults, in addressing concerns that impact their ability to engage in daily activities, such as self-care, productivity, and leisure.

Occupational Therapy for Kids

Let our experienced, NDIS registered & approved, team of Occupational Therapists work with you and your child to reach their full potential and increase their functioning in everyday life.


a2z Health Group

Michael Melamed is the Founder and Principle Physiotherapist at a2z Health Group. Michael is a Sports Rehabilitation Expert having worked as a Head Physiotherapist with Dandenong Thunder (Soccer Premier League) and alongside martial arts doctors during Boxing and Kickboxing fights.

In addition, Michael also has extensive aged care and occupational physiotherapy experience. Michael enjoys traveling to exotic holiday places, experiencing other cultures and speaks fluent Russian. His other joys in life include watching soccer, sipping coffee by the beach, riding his motorbike, and spending time with his wife and beautiful kids.

Our physiotherapists have helped countless valued clients improve their posture, balance their muscle strength and restore full mobility in stiff joints. Some of the most common conditions or ailments we help clients with at our Noble Park and Dandenong clinics include disc bulges, migraines, whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, ligament tears, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, pre- and post-natal conditions, and many other musculoskeletal concerns.


Visit A Certified Physio At One Of Our Well-Equipped Clinics In Noble Park & Dandenong?

Welcome to a2z Health Group – your premier destination for personalised physio treatment from qualified and experienced professionals in Noble Park and Dandenong. Whether you’ve recently sustained an injury playing sports or you’ve gradually formed a muscle and joint condition from poor ergonomics in the workplace, or just sitting all the time, we have a special interest and focus to get to the root cause of the problem so we can provide tailored treatment to meet your individual needs.

Perhaps you’re experiencing sciatica pain, an aching lower back, stiff knees, bursitis or frozen shoulder or simply woken up feeling stiff and sore. Rest assured, we’ll work closely alongside you to alleviate pain and help you regain mobility at our Noble Park or Dandenong clinic – whichever is more conveniently located for you.

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