Avoiding the office bore: How to maintain a healthy back at work.

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Back pain – nobody wants it, but most of us have it. And the worst part about it? When someone asks how you hurt your back, the answer is totally devoid of any glamour. Much as you’d love to suggest you took the moguls a little too fast skiing the black run home, or you… Continue reading


Keep your spine feeling fine: Do’s and dont’s for a healthy spine


You probably don’t pay it much attention, but your spine is the part of your body which holds the show together. Comprising thirty-three individual bones stacked on top of each other, the spine provides the main support for your skeletal system while housing and protecting the central nervous system of your body, the vitally important… Continue reading


Knock out tennis elbow in straight sets

Tennis Elbow-

With its deceptively simple name, tennis elbow sounds like it could be something worth including when you pack your tennis bag. Tennis racquet? Check. Tennis shoes? Check. Tennis elbow?   Whether you play tennis or not, however, tennis elbow is the one thing you do not want along for the ride. Affecting the outside area… Continue reading


There’s light at the end of the carpal tunnel


Is constant hand pain getting on your nerves? Do you experience numbness, radiating pain and pins and needles, especially after repetitive use of your hands?   If this sounds familiar, you could be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.   The carpal tunnel is the name given to the space in your wrist which houses the… Continue reading


Anyone for tennis?


Get in shape for the grand slam without getting an injury   The new year in Australia means one thing: tennis fever! As the new year heats up and grand slam contenders begin to fall, across the nation racquets are dusted off, sweat bands donned and old rivalries rekindled at the local tennis courts.  … Continue reading